Garden Offices



Lienne™ Office MKII Specification:


EXTERNAL SIZE 5.0m (16'5") wide x 2.65m (8'9") deep (approx).


INTERNAL SIZE 4.77m (15'8") wide x 2.42m (7'11") deep (approx).


INTERNAL SQUARE METRES  – 9.89m² (approx)


WALLS 117mm - The walls are made up of a 12mm Tongue and Groove Timber exterior, 70mm internal timber frame, 25mm Polyurethane Insulation and 10mm plasterboard.


INTERIOR WALL LINING 10mm Plasterboard – For a quality internal finish. (If installed we tape and joint the joins and then paint the interior white, if sold on a supply only basis the materials to tape and join will be supplied for DIY purpose)


U-VALUES (W/m2K) for 117mm walls - 0.62 


FLOOR (INSULATED) 45mm Insulated SIP floor panels (10mm MFP board on top, 25mm Polyurethane Insulation fit between wooden battens, 10mm MFP board on bottom) for a sturdy floor.


ROOF (INSULATED) 45mm Insulated SIP roof panels (10mm MFP board on top, 25mm Polyurethane Insulation fit between purlins, 10mm plasterboard on bottom) to create an attractive sturdy roof.


ROOF FELT Supplied with roofing felt material for additional weatherproofing - easy to install and has an attractive finish


EXTERNAL EAVES 2490mm (8'2") (approx) High


GREY PATIO DOOR Made with double glazing and steel reinforcing for extra strength and security.


PATIO DOOR WALK THROUGH HEIGHT 1945mm 6’5”(from floor)


PATIO DOOR OVERALL FRAME HEIGHT 2047mm 6’9”(from floor)






1 GREY WINDOW - DOUBLE GLAZED (Please Note: Windows and Doors require on site glazing)


GASKETS All windows and doors are fitted with Gaskets for improved weatherproofing.


FLOOR BEARERS 70mm tall Pressure Treated floor bearers that sit underneath the office to protect its foundations from damage by insects and fungal decay. Without pressure treated bearers moisture would damage the lower aspects of the office!


2 DOUBLE GANG PLUG SOCKETS - 2 double gang plug sockets located in each corner the office for easier accessibility.


1 CONSUMER UNIT is a power and lighting solution providing power and acting as a circuit breaker.


8 HALOGEN SPOTLIGHTS - 8 halogen spotlights located around the office to add extra light, controlled by a light switch.


PRESSURE TREATED TIMBER All of our timber is pressure treated in the family's own pressure treatment facility. The timber is treated after being cut to protect the ends of the timber, we do not end seal. Pressure Treated and carries a 10 year warranty against Insect infestation and fungal decay.


DIY OPTION - Your garden office will be delivered only ready with instructions for DIY installation by yourself.


INSTALLED OPTION - Your Garden Office will arrive with our trained installers ready to install it onto your own base. Please see the Base Recommendations tab for base requirements. Click here for a list of post codes that we install in.


INSTALLED WITH FOUNDATIONS OPTION - Your Garden Office will arrive with our trained installers ready to install it onto our uniqueRapidPad  Foundation System. Please ensure your ground is suitable for these foundations by checking requirements. Click here for a list of post codes that we install in.


OFFICE SIZES - Please be aware that all Dimensions and Calculations are approximate figures.


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