- Depending on the panels you choose (which come in different power and sizes), you need a roof area of at least 27 m². This roof area should be largely out of the shade the whole year round, if you go for 4kw system which is made of 250 w panels (average size is 1.7 m x 1 m). 16 x 1.7 m²= 27.2 m²

- Southern alignment is optimal.

- The optimal angle of the roof is 30 degrees. On a flat roof, the solar modules can be mounted on stands.


Use roof areas as small as 20 m² to generate climate-neutral solar power.


Check if you need planning permission

You don’t generally need planning permission for solar systems. The big exceptions are if you’ve a flat roof, the property is listed, or it’s a conservation area.

You might need to get approval from your council’s building control team but check with your local authority. If you get a free system, your provider will normally do this for you (always check).

Tell your mortgage provider and insurer

As with any home improvement, you should contact your insurer and mortgage provider. If you go for the free option, check that the company will liaise with lenders and insurers.

Make sure the installation company is an MCS-Certified Installer using MCS-Certified Products.

Eurosolar only uses MCS-Certified Products and is also an MCS Certified Installer. This will mean not only will your solar panels come with a 25 year guarantee but your income from electricity generated by your solar panels is guaranteed by the government.

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