The Eurosolar principle





Actually, the principle is quite simple: you take the inexhaustible energy of the sun and turn it into electricity with the help of a Eurosolar system. The resulting solar-generated electricity is then fed into the local grid; meaning that, in effect, you supply power to the power supplier.

No sooner said than done. As an environmentally-conscious energy supplier, you will be supported on all sides: the installing electrician takes care of all the details in relation to planning and registering your system and the government provides incentives with guaranteed feed-in tariffs. As for Eurosolar, we provide you with solar technology that allows you to achieve maximal yields. We only use high quality Solar Cells to in our Solar Panels; making them very HIGH QUALITY and more efficient than others.


Eurosolar begins with perfect cells, then builds chains designed to last.

* Each Solar Cell is inspected visually for possible damage and tested for specific tension and efficiency.

* Cells are classified according to colour and power level, efficiency a step that most manufactureres skip. This increases the aesthetic appearance of our panels, whilst ensuring the highest power delivery. Mismatches in solar cell power leads to module energy losses.

 * The next step is the stringing process. We connect the front of each cell to the back of the adjacent cell via three soldering strips in an automated process called three-busbar technology. We use three busbars to create redundancy: fone busbar stops working, then the cell will still produce power. The materials we use in the stringing process are carefully selected to ensure the integrity of the joints when they expand and contract with changing weather conditions.

Flawless cell soldering is crucial to the quality of our solar panels, which is why we rely on a highly automated and monitored process. Each module has 2,016 soldering points and it is critical that precise amounts of pressure are applied at each point. That level of precision is not achievable with hand-soldering, the standard practice of many other manufactures.

We then perform a regular peel test to monitor the soldering quality of the string production. Additional visual inspection of strings ensures there were no errors in cell print, cracks in the cells, mechanical damage or colour deviations.

Photovoltaic solar energy systems simply convert sunlight into electricity. A row of solar panels is installed on the roof and connected to your existing power supply. This electricity is fed directly into the power of the property. It holds in its accounts that the system always uses its own PV before drawing their electricity supplier. Any excess is then automatically exported. Photovoltaic solar energy systems simply convert sunlight into electricity.

The main incentive, but for the photovoltaic system is now in the form of recovery by the government to generate energy. The tariff of energy offers a fixed-rate income tax free in the PV. In addition, you can help stop climate change by reducing CO2 emissions and therefore, your carbon footprint.