Eco Pad


Latest cutting edge technology - solar thermal system running from Solar PV producing 90° hot water all year round, with no running costs, low maintenance and easy install for under £1,000!

Our 130w EcoPad heating pad is now available with in a tripple pad inbuilt to a stainless steel cylinder available from 90l up to 300l, direct or indirect & single coil or double coil. 

Running direct from solar PV with no need for an inverter our EcoPad system is the most efficient product on the market for heating DHW.  Capable of maintaining water temperature at 90° all year round this product is far superior to any solar thermal technology or thermodynamics on the market. A kit can be put together for under £3,000 including the panels.

Also available interest free finance up to £4,000. 



The EcoPad Polymer Pad is the most efficient product on the market to heat domestic hot water.  Unlike other switch technologies the EcoPad can heat your hot water to 90° from only 130w and 24V running from either AC or DC, making this product an ideal upsell from a Solar PV system.  Also available triple pad in-built to a stainless steel cylinder. Typical savings on hot water costs with solar: 75%