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Solar panels for your home

Solar panels are a clean renewable energy source for your home in which you can generate your own electricity, with the use of daylight. The Solar Panel's for houses are never in need for refuelling! They have no moving parts, do not pollute, and they require virtually no maintenance. In most domestic installations ions, solar panels are installed on the roof opposite to the south, because this area provides the majority of solar radiation. Today, solar panels work perfectly even in daylight, not just direct sunlight so that even the British Winter's provide a free source of solar energy. Solar panels can be installed on most roof types, flat roof and asphalt included. However, the condition of the roof must be of good standard in order for the solar panels to be installed. Installers of solar panels, which are listed with us, are fully experienced in fitting all types of photovoltaic panels. Our Solar Panels are of MCS Standards so you can be confident the system is installed and maintained correct.